Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Solar Chandelier

Remember this sneak peak I posted over a year ago...?? No? I don't blame you.

With the new house we have had our hands full, but it has also inspired to finish some projects, like this one...

I have always liked chandeliers, except I have never lived (and probably never will live) in a very chandelier-y type house. So to get my chandelier fix, I decided to go for a fun, vibrant outdoor light fixture. 
The project was pretty simple... I found an old chandelier at our local Habitat ReStore and took a can of spray paint to it. 

Then it was a matter of getting some outdoor lights to add to it - part of the reason it took so long to make this was because I found a great deal on Halloween solar lights that were orange and had spider webs (just like these).... the plan was to pray paint them, but that did. not. work. So then I ran out of motivation and didn't buy any others until a few months ago.

With outdoor solar lights the stake generally just pulls off and then you have a nubbin to work with. With this particular fixture, I decided to wrap the ends in duct tape so that they would fit snugly in each socket area. Depending on the fixture, it may work better to use a different method. Hot glue, super glue, electrical tape, or maybe you will be lucky and it will fit perfectly. 

Not counting the sunk cost of the Halloween lights, I spent around $40 dollars on this project. (This number will vary greatly depending on how cheap you can get a chandelier and how many solar lights you will need.)

Right now we have our chandelier hanging from our carport... super classy, I know! but I'm hoping to add it either to our hammock area in the woods or attach it to a branch and set up a little al fresco eating area on the side of our house... Pictures to come after a decision is made. 

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Happy Chandeliering!


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