Monday, December 31, 2012

Queen Anne Chameleon Table

Oh, Hi!

You may think I've been lazy and not doing many projects in my blog absence, however I actually have a line of completed projects that I have not posted yet. 

I have been lazy though. Most of my projects lately have been refinishing/refurbishing pieces instead of building them from scratch. 

This first one is what we are using as our coffee table. We scored it at a yard sale and it was EXACTLY what I was hoping to find when we set out that morning. Oval and Queen Anne legs. YES!

She's got nice legs!!

It was a little dark and woody for our taste. We have A LOT of wood in our house already so our taste in furniture has shifted to a more colorful/painted look in order to avoid wood-grain overload (a very serious condition I hear, takes a negative toll on overall vision).

{ Mid-refinish :: Still needs the stain }

Olympic ONE paint/primer combo: Cavern Moss
Rust-oleum Ultimate Wood Stain: Sunbleached

I like the natural wood look generally, but it's even too much for me. With this table we decided to stain the top to keep it still a little woody but we chose a grey that is very different that your traditional stains. It did not absorb and darken the grain of the wood, but sat on top and lightened up the piece. It's water resistant and so we haven't even applied a poly top coat, we don't even use those cute COASTERS (which I made) all the time!

Add a little Cavern Moss green to those curvy legs and viola! Our new coffee table complete.

We call it our chameleon table because the stain on the top is so versatile. It has a sheen to it and depending on the light it can take on many different looks. Sometimes grey, sometimes silver, sometimes more natural wood looking. For this reason I really think this table would look great anywhere! 

~ Make an offer if interested in purchasing in the St. Louis Metro area ~