Monday, May 7, 2012

Birdie Branch Burlap Art

Having a lot of texture in a home is a wonderful thing. It adds more interest to a room and I think it lends to the homey, comfortable feel that is always the end goal for my rooms.

One of my favorite materials, for it's wonderful texture, is burlap. I used it on this project and had quite a bit left over. I wanted to put it to use in other parts of the apartment and so I decided to make some framed burlap art, a way to add texture to... the walls!

I found an old wood 8x10 frame and covered it with watered down white paint to give it a white-washed look. Then I cut and measured my burlap to fit the frame I painted my base picture of the olive branch directly onto this piece of burlap using white acrylic paint. Next, I painted a few smaller pieces with the birdie and the heart. Layering separate pieces allowed me to play with the arrangement and added extra dimension. There's no need to even glue it in place because the burlap sticks well to itself.


This project is so simple! Even if you are artistically challenged and run away from anything that involves freehand, you can make it look good by stamping a picture or saying onto the material. Or you may purchase this one of course!

You can see more pictures of mine sprucing up my TV stand here.

~ $10.00 ~

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