Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ames Reclaims now has a blog... Hooray! I have multiple other websites in the works, but until I perfect one (or even decide on one that I can live with... that is also functional) I will be using this as my main wesbite!

I am currently getting ready for a move so furniture building has been put on hold, and furniture selling has become a priority.

I will soon be posting some of my creations with loads of pictures and full details on each piece.

Email subscribe to keep up to date with all my latest additions.

Something to note: If an item is for sale it will have a label at the bottom of the page that says 'Currently FOR SALE.' Once the piece is sold I will update the label to SOLD.

- Ames


  1. welcome to hawaii!!

    i've only been living here about a year but i'm also from the midwest.

    the apartments here are so small and it can be really difficult to find cheap, quality furniture that doesn't take up half the room lol. i think it's great that you're reusing materials to make your own furniture!!

    btw i found you via craigslist

    1. Thank you, Michelle! That's about how long I've been here too and I've loved it! We are moving back to the mainland in a few months, but I plan to keep making my furniture out of reclaimed materials.


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