Friday, April 27, 2012

Rustic Redwood Floorboard Table

This is the first piece I built here in Hawaii, and it was for a personal purpose. We are living in a small apartment with an odd layout and there is only one good place for a tv. I don't think there is a tv stand out there that would fit the criteria that we desired for this space. It had to be just long enough to span the wall and we wanted it shallow. A deep stand would have made our apartment feel SO much smaller.

I set out looking for my materials at Re-use Hawaii. [If you are on Oahu and have any upcoming projects go check there for your materials first, they are so awesome! They have a big variety, low prices, and by using reclaimed pieces you are helping to prevent unnecessary waste from going to our landfills.]

I found some old redwood floorboards and thought they would make a great surface for our table.

I got out the hand saw (that's right, no power saws for this girl! I'd use them if I had them, but we have no storage space for one) and got to work.

The end product is very versatile. Perhaps you also have an awkward space in your home, that needs a petite table like this? It could be a tv stand or a display shelf, and its country charm can be incorporated into many different design styles.

The sides are painted tan and the top and shelf are coated in polyurethane for a smoother surface.

Design Ideas: Hang burlap at back of shelf to add texture (as pictured). Or get some great baskets to use as drawers for extra storage.

Width = 29.25"
Depth = 10"
Height = 18"

~ $65.00 ~

*Table is not meant to be used as a bench.

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