Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheery Yellow Door Headboard

This was a project I was dreaming of for a while. It turned out different than I originally planned, but when you go to find old pieces to re-purpose, you never know what you will come across and where it will lead you.

The original plan for this piece was to use louvered doors, but instead I came across an old screen door (at the awesome Re-use Hawaii again) and my mind immediately set to thinking of all the cool ways I could design the inner space of the door!
{My scribble ideas}

We brought it home (after the slight ordeal of trying to make it fit into our car), took the screen out, and there it sat... for a couple months. I was debating my plan of action. Colors, textures, and what to do with the open space where the screen once was?

Until finally I got the motivation to go for it and created this:

The color is Valspar Tiffany Yellow and there are two cushioned backrests upholstered in a dark brown burlap. The rest is left as open space so the color of your wall will show through. This is a very unique headboard and will definitely make a statement in your bedroom! Supportive legs allow the headboard to lean up against the wall or they can be screwed or drilled into the bed frame.

I LOVE the way this came out. The way the headboard is wider than the mattress really makes an impact and looks great with proper height nightstands.

Headboard is pictured on a queen size bed (legs are designed for queen bed frame). Could work for a king size bed if not connected to bed frame.

Design Idea: If you want to further customize and showcase your new headboard's past life, add a vintage nob to the original door nob hole!

Dimensions: 75 1/4" W x 44 3/4" H (legs are 21" of the height)

~ $200.00 ~

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