Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beachy Oval Rag Rug

Not only do I like making furniture, but sometimes my crafty side gets me making decor pieces as well.

This rag rug was crocheted using recycled fabrics. The blue, tan, and white colors were inspired by a beach side cottage but this rug can accompany a wide array of d├ęcor. 

The materials used are an assortment of cotton and denims resulting in a wonderfully textured rug. The fabric strips have raw edges that add warm charm to this cozy rug. One side has the exposed fabric "joints" for a more raw look, and the other side is smoother. 

I hand crocheted this whole thing, and since I wanted to make it tight, it took a long time to accomplish (I am not the fastest crocheter around). The texture feels nice underneath your feet! I want to make more of these because I think it's a great recycling project and it's a more useful product than the normal scarves that I end up crocheting. I just wish they didn't take me so LONG. I will be experimenting with different fabrics in the future.

All materials were acquired at my local thrift and they were all thoroughly washed and dried before being up-cycled so they should not shrink, but I recommend laying it flat to dry for best shape. 
Rug was made in a smoke-free home. 

Design Ideas: Works well in front of doors, as a kitchen mat, or an accent piece to any room. Use this rug under a small table to anchor it into your room. 

Dimensions: 25”x34” oval

~ $40.00 ~

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