Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beachy Oval Rag Rug

Not only do I like making furniture, but sometimes my crafty side gets me making decor pieces as well.

This rag rug was crocheted using recycled fabrics. The blue, tan, and white colors were inspired by a beach side cottage but this rug can accompany a wide array of d├ęcor. 

The materials used are an assortment of cotton and denims resulting in a wonderfully textured rug. The fabric strips have raw edges that add warm charm to this cozy rug. One side has the exposed fabric "joints" for a more raw look, and the other side is smoother. 

I hand crocheted this whole thing, and since I wanted to make it tight, it took a long time to accomplish (I am not the fastest crocheter around). The texture feels nice underneath your feet! I want to make more of these because I think it's a great recycling project and it's a more useful product than the normal scarves that I end up crocheting. I just wish they didn't take me so LONG. I will be experimenting with different fabrics in the future.

All materials were acquired at my local thrift and they were all thoroughly washed and dried before being up-cycled so they should not shrink, but I recommend laying it flat to dry for best shape. 
Rug was made in a smoke-free home. 

Design Ideas: Works well in front of doors, as a kitchen mat, or an accent piece to any room. Use this rug under a small table to anchor it into your room. 

Dimensions: 25”x34” oval

~ $40.00 ~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Country Jalousie End Tables [set]

I have a special place in my heart for small tables... they come in handy on many odd occasions, they are cute, and they're super easy to move around.

These petite tables are adorable!

The tops are made from wooden jalousies. When I found them at the store (guess which one...) they were painted tan. I sanded off the paint to reveal their pretty wood-grains below. I think it's a shame they were ever painted in the first place!

For the legs I wanted to do something fun, so I bought some used balusters!

Since pieces from railings and windows are coming together to make these tables they will also serve as good conversation starters when you have company over.

Design Ideas: Display them as couch end tables in a small apartment, nightstands for a child's bedroom, or have them flanking a chair as I have shown!

Dimensions: surfaces = 10.75" x 15.5", height = 18.25"

~ $55.00 ~
For the SET

Friday, April 27, 2012

Weathered Wood Side Tables [Set]

{grain detail}

{screw detail}

These tables are my FAVORITE things I've made so far! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and wish I could keep them forever.

I made them from naturally weathered wood boards. They have fabulous texture and when I coated them in poly (many layers to minimize splintering of the rough patches) the grain and colors took on a whole new dimension of beauty.

I have no idea what these boards were used for in their past life, but each one has a hole through it. This ended up becoming a functional feature that allows you to feed unsightly lamp/charger cords through them. A few of the holes do have old screws still poking through (pictured) so these tables might not be suited for a child's room where curious fingers could get scratched.

Modern, rustic, shabby chic, or eclectic; this set can transcend many different design styles. Sometimes all a super modern room is missing is one earthy accent, and these tables would definitely do the trick.

Design Idea: Slide cloth bins or baskets underneath for additional storage! Pair this set with my Cheery Yellow Door Headboard and it looks fabulous!

Dimensions: 10 3/4" W x 19 3/4" L x 21" H

~ $80.00 ~
For the SET

Cheery Yellow Door Headboard

This was a project I was dreaming of for a while. It turned out different than I originally planned, but when you go to find old pieces to re-purpose, you never know what you will come across and where it will lead you.

The original plan for this piece was to use louvered doors, but instead I came across an old screen door (at the awesome Re-use Hawaii again) and my mind immediately set to thinking of all the cool ways I could design the inner space of the door!
{My scribble ideas}

We brought it home (after the slight ordeal of trying to make it fit into our car), took the screen out, and there it sat... for a couple months. I was debating my plan of action. Colors, textures, and what to do with the open space where the screen once was?

Until finally I got the motivation to go for it and created this:

The color is Valspar Tiffany Yellow and there are two cushioned backrests upholstered in a dark brown burlap. The rest is left as open space so the color of your wall will show through. This is a very unique headboard and will definitely make a statement in your bedroom! Supportive legs allow the headboard to lean up against the wall or they can be screwed or drilled into the bed frame.

I LOVE the way this came out. The way the headboard is wider than the mattress really makes an impact and looks great with proper height nightstands.

Headboard is pictured on a queen size bed (legs are designed for queen bed frame). Could work for a king size bed if not connected to bed frame.

Design Idea: If you want to further customize and showcase your new headboard's past life, add a vintage nob to the original door nob hole!

Dimensions: 75 1/4" W x 44 3/4" H (legs are 21" of the height)

~ $200.00 ~

Rustic Redwood Floorboard Table

This is the first piece I built here in Hawaii, and it was for a personal purpose. We are living in a small apartment with an odd layout and there is only one good place for a tv. I don't think there is a tv stand out there that would fit the criteria that we desired for this space. It had to be just long enough to span the wall and we wanted it shallow. A deep stand would have made our apartment feel SO much smaller.

I set out looking for my materials at Re-use Hawaii. [If you are on Oahu and have any upcoming projects go check there for your materials first, they are so awesome! They have a big variety, low prices, and by using reclaimed pieces you are helping to prevent unnecessary waste from going to our landfills.]

I found some old redwood floorboards and thought they would make a great surface for our table.

I got out the hand saw (that's right, no power saws for this girl! I'd use them if I had them, but we have no storage space for one) and got to work.

The end product is very versatile. Perhaps you also have an awkward space in your home, that needs a petite table like this? It could be a tv stand or a display shelf, and its country charm can be incorporated into many different design styles.

The sides are painted tan and the top and shelf are coated in polyurethane for a smoother surface.

Design Ideas: Hang burlap at back of shelf to add texture (as pictured). Or get some great baskets to use as drawers for extra storage.

Width = 29.25"
Depth = 10"
Height = 18"

~ $65.00 ~

*Table is not meant to be used as a bench.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ames Reclaims now has a blog... Hooray! I have multiple other websites in the works, but until I perfect one (or even decide on one that I can live with... that is also functional) I will be using this as my main wesbite!

I am currently getting ready for a move so furniture building has been put on hold, and furniture selling has become a priority.

I will soon be posting some of my creations with loads of pictures and full details on each piece.

Email subscribe to keep up to date with all my latest additions.

Something to note: If an item is for sale it will have a label at the bottom of the page that says 'Currently FOR SALE.' Once the piece is sold I will update the label to SOLD.

- Ames